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Not Another Challenge!

Doing business feels amazing when it’s working.  Deals are coming together, systems are humming along and you’re on a roll.  You love your job, your clients and your life.  Too bad it can’t stay this way! Inevitably a bump in the road...

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YOU are the Product!

Whatever you are selling, from nuts and bolts to multi-million dollar properties and everything in between, YOU are the product! You first must sell yourself. Develop a relationship with your potential client based on principals and trust. Then the sale comes...

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The Pillars of Your Success

Are you like many professionals who struggle with what to do next to grow your business? What would it feel like to be in command of your production? Can you imagine starting each day with a set plan of action that supports your goals? No more guessing, worrying or...

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Building YOUR Brand

New Year - new brand?  As the business world comes alive in 2024, professionals are focusing on growth, goals and connections.  There also is a ton of focus on branding or rebranding.  I actually just hosted a Zoom forum specifically...

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New Year + Small Changes = Big Results!

Are you tired of making major New Year’s resolutions that are soon long forgotten?  Don’t tackle more than is realistic to accomplish.  Did you know it’s the small changes that result in lasting, big results? What if your New Year’s resolution is...

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Tis the Season to Give…and Always!

Giving is the focus of many during the Holiday Season but I believe we should give always.  Look for someone you can be a blessing to.  There are lonely, hurting people everywhere.  You never know the impact random acts of kindness...

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Where Did Your Last Four Deals Come From?

Have you hit a wall in your production?  Are you burnt out by prospecting?  Are you feeling discouraged?  Are the seeds you’re planting not sprouting fast enough? We all face this from time to time.  If you’re like most, there...

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The Fear of the Ask

I’m amazed at the number of sales and business professionals I work with that face the same challenge…fear of the ask. What is the ask and why is it so scary? The ask is simply asking for business! The ask is scary to many because they don’t want to look pushy, they...

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The Joy of Helping Others

Hard work is a gift. It’s a blessing to be productive. I feel alive and energized when I am busy at my craft. I love marketing, networking, sales, and meeting new people. I love to teach and coach. As a matter of fact, I’ve had the natural desire to teach since I...

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