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Are you like many professionals who struggle with what to do next to grow your business? What would it feel like to be in command of your production? Can you imagine starting each day with a set plan of action that supports your goals? No more guessing, worrying or wondering. Just a clear focus on what your marketing or prospecting job for the day entails.

I am a firm believer in conducting your business from a solid foundation. It’s crucial to establish the pillars that are necessary to support the foundation. Those pillars need to be developed and managed consistently to keep your business thriving, healthy and stable.

Typically it takes 5-7 pillars to maximize your impact. Pillars can be networking, community events, cold calling, social media, sphere of influence, etc. Every professional has their unique set of pillars. Once they are established, create a plan of action to execute each pillar. In short order, you will have several pillars working together as a well oiled, lead generation machine.

It’s like developing a job description for yourself. If it’s your job to find clients to make sales to, what is your plan of action to find those clients? When you are employed with a job description and you don’t perform the required tasks, you will get warnings from your boss and eventually released from your position. If you are self employed or 100% commission based, you won’t maximize productivity if you don’t stick to your self created job description.

You may be fantastic at what you do, but your business won’t thrive if you can’t get yourself in front of potential clients to let them know just how amazing you are. This principle applies to any and every business. I have over 35 years of high level self generated sales and I still need to work my pillars in order to keep my business going and growing!

No matter what product or service you’re selling, the same fundamentals exist. One of the first things I do with each coaching client is develop or fine tune their pillars and establish the plans of action necessary to maintain them. Once this is in place, the rest is easy.

If this resonates with you, contact me for a free, no obligation discovery session. I love helping people maximize their impact!