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I’m amazed at the number of sales and business professionals I work with that face the same challenge…fear of the ask. What is the ask and why is it so scary? The ask is simply asking for business! The ask is scary to many because they don’t want to look pushy, they don’t want to come across as aggressive, they don’t want to offend, they don’t want to (insert your fear here).

Most sales and business professionals typically like people and enjoy making new connections. Some connections actually become great friends. Let’s face it though, the main reason you are working is to earn money. The way to earn money is by getting business and the majority of the time, you have to ask for the business. Why would you pretend otherwise? Why would you be afraid to do your job?

Have you ever found yourself in a dead end business relationship? You keep pouring into a potential client with no results? Going for the ask solves that problem! If you ask and find out they like you or enjoy the value you are adding to their business and/or lives, but have no intention of working with you, it’s time to move on. Use that same time investment on new prospects. Knock on doors until you find connections that will let you in. There are tons of doors – keep knocking!

Yes, work your job and make as many connections as you can. Enjoy the people you meet, learn about them and their lives, families, etc. However, ultimately and in short order, you have go for the ask. The ask is the primary reason you are making connections in the first place. I know this seems simple, yet it’s tremendously difficult for many.

But the ask is so scary! What do I say? How do I ask? Create a 2-3 sentence “ask” and practice it. Then simply and naturally work it into your conversations. Set up a process that you consistently follow. For example, determine how you will make connections, how you will develop the connections, and how much time and resources you will pour into the connections before going for the ask. Tweak as needed and persistently work it.

Suddenly, you are a seasoned and thriving business or sales professional. You are working smarter, not harder! You are making great connections and evidencing your value. You are in control of your business. You are working your plan of action!

I absolutely love helping business and sales professionals soar. Please message me for a free, no obligation discovery session which allows me to show you how collaborative coaching works. You will either have some great takeaways for your business or decide to maximize your impact by working with me. Btw…I love blogging and I blog as part of my job and I work my job to make money…so this was my ask!