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Giving is the focus of many during the Holiday Season but I believe we should give always.  Look for someone you can be a blessing to.  There are lonely, hurting people everywhere.  You never know the impact random acts of kindness has.  It can be life altering for some.

My challenge is to extend your heart of giving throughout every season.  Don’t stop in the New Year.  Giving can be monetary of course, but sometimes the most impactful type of giving is your time.  Lend an ear, encourage someone, pray for someone, help someone with a task.  

Give professionally as well.  From a business perspective, lift others up, share your knowledge, mentor someone.  There are many that can benefit from your expertise.  

Although giving should come from within, it does pay back ten fold.  You reap what you sow!  A giving heart is a loving heart.

Giving back is one of the most important values a person can possess.  You will never lose by giving.   There is no value that can be placed on the  contentment and joy that comes from helping others.   Happy giving my friends!