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Whatever you are selling, from nuts and bolts to multi-million dollar properties and everything in between, YOU are the product! You first must sell yourself. Develop a relationship with your potential client based on principals and trust. Then the sale comes easy.

Don’t show up as a person on a mission to sell. Show up as the person that you are. What value do you have to offer that is unrelated to making the sale?

The first step is to find out about your client. Get to know them, find out what their interests are, learn about their family, and most importantly ask about their biggest challenges. Also, be vulnerable and let them know about you. Show interest and compassion.

Next comes the value that you bring. How can you help grow their business, improve their social media presence, find a better price for the nuts and bolts they are selling, find the best priced soccer cleats for their son? I’m not suggesting you take on a second job as a mentor. Simply showing interest and using your expertise to offer advice and maybe a resource or two sets you apart in a huge way.

Think about it. Many sales professionals do most of the talking and it’s often about how great they are, how huge their sales volume is and how they are going to get the client the very best deal possible – plus throw in a toaster. What if you show up as an invaluable resource? What if you create a relationship? What if you prove yourself to be different than all the rest?

Finally, people want to work with people they like. People like people that care and add value to their lives, who go the extra mile. Sometimes a five or ten minute conversation is all it takes to form that relationship. Now it’s on to the sale. Chances are the potential client will want to work with you. If they are not ready now, they will contact you when the time is right, especially if you keep checking in to add value and show interest in them, their business, their family, etc., and once in a while remind them of what you are selling.

This is not something that can be faked. You need to truly be a person that cares. You need to continually educate yourself on things that can benefit your clients. The good news is you probably already possess these attributes or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

A bonus to this is loyalty and referrals. When you set yourself apart as an invaluable resource, can you imagine the impact it will have on your business? Also, can you imagine how much more enjoyable your job will become?

If this resonates with you, contact me for a free, no obligation discovery session. I love helping people maximize their impact!