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Doing business feels amazing when it’s working.  Deals are coming together, systems are humming along and you’re on a roll.  You love your job, your clients and your life.  Too bad it can’t stay this way!

Inevitably a bump in the road comes along.  A problem, a challenge.  A deal falls apart, a client relationship is at risk.  Suddenly you fall from your peak into a dark valley.  I wish I could provide a formula to keep you out of the valley.  Unfortunately, even if you do everything perfectly, you are dealing with other people who have different personalities, ethics, and expectations. Obstacles within your business are unavoidable.

The absolute best plan of action is preparation.  Accept the fact that you will face problems in your business.  Embrace each challenge as an opportunity for growth.  What can you learn from the current issue at hand?  What can you do better next time?  What responsibility can you take this time?

Don’t let the unavoidable trials of business throw you off balance.  Expect challenges to come.  Remain in your integrity as you face issues courageously.  Operate from a position of strength and wisdom as you work through them.  Don’t get discouraged.  Problems and challenges are a normal part of every business.

Image how freeing it is to face each obstacle from a position of strength; how realistic expectations and preparation is a game changer.  No more being caught off guard and feeling down and discouraged.  It’s just business.  It’s just life.  

I love helping clients develop a plan of action to grow their business which includes preparing for the inevitable challenges.  Knowledge and strength brings peace, even when you find yourself in a valley.  If this resonates with you, I would love to schedule a free discovery session.