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What My Clients Have To Say

Working with Ruth has given me a coaching experience that has already lead to both growth and greatness. The direction and path we’re traveling together on has been so beneficial. This doesn’t mean it’s easy, but her guidance is definitely worth the effort!


Ruth is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated in the field that she serves. As a business coach she has helped me stay focused on my goals, and developed the stepping stones to achieve those goals.



I absolutely love our coaching sessions!!!
So happy to be on this path of success with you!

Lots of accomplishment and motivation to be the best version of me!


I had the opportunity to receive coaching from Ruth Young and it was beyond insightful. She has a very specific process for leading clients to discovery of the main points that critically affect the daily business practice. Her “pillar” system simplifies the overall business planning and strategic method necessary to run a successful business smoothly. The sessions encouraged and inspired me to create a daily schedule that would lend to successful implementation of the systems created. I was never a fan of accountability, yet her approach made it enjoyable as I was able to see areas that could be strengthened and function at a higher level. If you are looking to level up in your business I highly recommend Ruth Young. Her experience and intuitive ability to connect with people places her in the perfect position to assist business owners in reaching their goals and experiencing exponential growth.


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Ruth Young is a CTA Certified Business Coach and founder of Maximum Impact Coaching. Put her decades of experience and proven track record to work for you. Level up together and maximize your impact.
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