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Hard work is a gift. It’s a blessing to be productive. I feel alive and energized when I am busy at my craft. I love marketing, networking, sales, and meeting new people. I love to teach and coach. As a matter of fact, I’ve had the natural desire to teach since I started my career over 35 years ago.

As my professional success grew, I began to mentor others that were starting out or struggling. For decades now, I put on workshops and training sessions at my various referral partners offices. I love talking. I love educating. I love connecting. I host an industry related Zoom mastermind every two weeks that educates and informs my community. I love what I do!

I have a heart of compassion for the hurting. Personally, I have done a lot of healing and growing. I have overcome much adversity in my life which has opened my eyes to the struggles other people face. I am driven to help, mentor, and support those that are facing hard circumstances.

One of my passions is to teach at a local women’s recovery center on a volunteer basis. I’ve been blessed to teach a class of approximately 40 women for several years now. I have even mentored some of the women outside of the program.

The accolades and financial rewards that come from hard work and success are great, but the joy is short lived. It doesn’t take long for the drive to achieve more kicks in.

The personal riches gained from giving back and helping others is lasting. It’s the fiber of who I am – who I was created to be. It’s what excites me and makes me feel whole. It’s what drives me to be a coach. I am honored to have clients that are vulnerable and trust me with their greatest struggles. It is a true blessing to walk along side someone and watch them grow!

My business coaching is about increasing production and maximizing income. However, my client relationships typically evolve to addressing deep personal struggles as well. Everything works together and if one part is broken, it affects all areas.

I became a coach because I am able to do what I love – which is to help others. The rewards I receive from coaching are beyond measure. This is what I was created for.