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New Year – new brand?  As the business world comes alive in 2024, professionals are focusing on growth, goals and connections.  There also is a ton of focus on branding or rebranding.  I actually just hosted a Zoom forum specifically dedicated to branding.

How do you brand yourself?  Start with making a list of who YOU are.  What are YOUR greatest attributes, interests, passions, convictions?  Write down anything and everything that comes to mind.  Use the unique person that you are and your life circumstances to start building your brand.  

Are you an animal lover,  an athlete, a classic car enthusiast, a philanthropist?   Brand based on who YOU are.   Here’s an example:  If you’re a working mom, possibly grow your brand based on your daily juggling act and chaos.  Now you are showing up in a very real and unique way.  Imagine how many people will relate?  How many people will be drawn to your authenticity?  

As you develop YOUR brand, choose colors, fonts, logos and template styles that reflect your personality and interests.  What images come to mind when you think about popular brands?  They are consistent and unique.  Some are branded strictly business, some are playful, some are artsy, etc. 

When you think of a fruit, what mega conglomerate comes to mind?  Hint…you may be using their product right now to read this blog.  Question…what does an apple have to do with technology?  Nothing…but it works and works very well!!!

I’ve intentionally emphasized YOU/YOUR in this blog.  There are massive success stories in every industry and those individuals have branded themselves based on their achievements. Many host very expensive workshops to explain how they reached their pinnacle.  Although there is value in this, there is more value in YOU.  What works for one person doesn’t work for another.  

Everyone has their own journey.  Don’t be a copy or a version of someone/something else.  Be YOU.  That’s the only way to shine and grow and blow up YOUR business.  Brand who YOU are! Build YOUR brand!!

I love helping professionals grow their business and shine in their industry.  If this resonates with you, reach out for a no obligation discovery session.  Let’s collaborate and level you up!