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What makes a good leader? I believe it begins by allowing yourself to be led. To serve others. To possess humility and compassion.

One of the most important aspects of leadership is integrity. Keep your word and do what you say. Don’t over promise and underdeliver. Admit when you are wrong.

Be your true, genuine self. People are drawn to authenticity. Connecting with others is the beginning of leadership. Take the risk of true connection and reap the rewards. Build your team by being real.

Leadership isn’t about telling everyone how it’s done. It’s about showing people how you do it. Let your actions speak for themselves. Use as few words as possible. Show, don’t tell.

This doesn’t come easy. It’s not natural. It is impactful. I haven’t perfected it and probably never will on this side of heaven. My humble, authentic self fully admits that I often miss the mark.

When your heart is in the right place, even if you mess up, you are on your way to becoming an awesome leader!