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Are you struggling to attract new business or stuck on the sales rollercoaster of feast or famine? This is a common problem most sales professionals face at some point in their careers. You may be new to your market and trying to figure it out. For a seasoned professional, burnout sets in from time to time.

You attend a couple of networking events and put yourself out there, but the phone isn’t ringing the way you want and need it to. You see other professionals in your industry thriving while you are just chugging along. What is their secret?

Or you bring business in, focus on closing it, and collect your commissions. It’s a great day, week or month! Now what? You’re in a drought again as you scramble to get new business. The cycle of feast or famine is stressful and exhausting. How can you become consistent?

What would it mean to you, your life, your family, and your peace if you maximize your potential? How would it feel to reach a level of stability financially? What about a new level of abundance?

You have the answers within you. You already have proven that you can make sales. You simply have to do the same things you did to get the previous sales with consistence and persistence. You have to continuously widen your net.

What would it mean to your business if you developed a detailed action plan that included various focus areas? What if you worked each area of focus on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with consistence and persistence?

How does thinking about this make you feel? Excited, motivated, relieved? One of the greatest joys of my career as a Professional Business Coach is to be a part of the transformation from stress, anxiety, frustration, and burnout to freedom, peace, control, and improved quality of life. The elite performers in every sector of life receive coaching. Imagine the possibilities!